Moving Forward in a Post-Pandemic World

Moving Forward in a Post-Pandemic World
+A Note From Pastor Cameron+

     Some of you have asked me how we as a church will operate in a world where COVID is part of everyday life. This is a fair question given how daily life was upended so dramatically for so long, and now COVID has seemingly faded into the background. For the sake of clarity, I wanted to state the position that the leadership of Prince of Peace is taking on subsequent outbreaks of COVID.

     In short, we are approaching this virus similar to how our society has approached influenza. Therefore, the following guidelines are in effect for both COVID and influenza:

  • Vaccines/Treatments are an inherently medical issue and should be discussed with your doctor.
  • If you are sick or think you are sick with COVID/FLU, please stay home until you recover and follow up with your doctor regarding your return to society.
     Moving forward, we will not be mandating social distancing or mandating masking. However, if anyone makes the personal decision to wear a mask to worship they should feel free to do so without shame. Additionally, no one should feel shamed for choosing not to wear a mask. We are leaving the question of wearing a mask or not wearing a mask to personal choice, and should be treated with Christian charity. Some of you have already moved on from this issue. However, I am naming this position so that we may continue to glorify Jesus through our unity as a church.

     On a final note, in the next few weeks we will return to the use of the common cup for Holy Communion. The Church has seen multiple pandemics throughout the world over the course of its 2,000 year history. The practice of the common cup has always endured. We will of course retain an option for those who prefer to continue to receive by dipping the bread into the wine (intinction), or just the bread alone. We will announce more details concerning this change in the coming weeks. I thank you for your patience.

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