Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. -Matthew 28:19

Prince of Peace participates in making disciples of all nations by first and foremost preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, and also through formation in our Life Groups. In addition, we move beyond the walls of our church building by partnering with local and global mission partners.

Blessing 47

For years, Prince of Peace has provided dinner for Fire Station 47. Every Sunday evening, a family from Prince of Peace brings Fire Station 47 dinner as an expression of God's love. Additionally, during Sunday worship we offer prayers for our military, law enforcement, and fire service men and women. 

Angola - Overland Missions

Partnering with Overland Missions, Prince of Peace supports the Hoyme family as the live in Humpata, Angola. Their work consists of evangelizing the unreached people of Southwest Angola, and to bring them much needed medical care. They pioneered gospel ministry with the Mucubale Tribe, and have been the first to explain the gospel to entire villages and regions in Southwest Angola.

Mission in Southeast Asia

Prince of Peace supports Bruce and Ching Behnken, missionaries that travel all over Southeast Asia. They have trained several thousand pastors and leaders that plant churches and share the Gospel. The pastors and leaders that Bruce and Ching train go on to train thousands more across at least nine nations.

Anglican Frontier Missions

AFM is a missionary society that sends missionaries to plant indigenous churches among the largest and least evangelized peoples in the world. AFM works alongside churches, mobilizing them to send short- and long-term missionaries to do pioneer, frontier missions in areas where a viable and visible church still does not exist.

Braveheart Properties of Brevard

Braveheart Properties seeks to create a development of high quality, aesthetically pleasing homes with lovingly and beautifully landscaped gardens. The desired outcome is to assist displaced and low income Brevard County residents into a stable, healthy, sustainable lifestyle that meets the basic human necessities in a safe, affordable, and beautiful way.