End of Life Care & Funerals

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. - Philippians 1:21

For the Christian, death is not the end. Rather, death becomes the gateway to eternal life in Jesus. By his death, Jesus has destroyed death. By his rising again, we look forward in faith to joining in the resurrection of the dead.

End of Life Care

When a person is nearing death, the church should be notified. It is the privilege of the pastoral staff to shepherd Christians through this journey. This often takes the form of a visit from a pastor. During this visit, a pastor will pray for the person, remind them of the gospel of Jesus, and counsel them concerning any issues that may be troubling their conscience.

If you or your loved one is nearing death, please contact us  so that we can be with you during this time.


The burial of a Christian is an occasion to grieve, but not without hope. We are sorrowful in the face of death, but we are joyful at the hope of resurrection in Jesus. For the Christian, the moment of death is a change and not an end. We enter into new life in Jesus.

Therefore, the Burial of the Dead looks forward in hope through the work of Jesus. It is not an occasion to eulogize the deceased, but instead an occasion to proclaim the victory of Jesus over death.

If you are ready to begin planning a burial service you may begin with the Burial of the Dead Planning Form found below. 
Burial of the Dead Planning Form