COVID-19 In-Person Worship Guidelines

  1. Live streaming and “spiritual” communion will be continued for all who elect to remain at home.


2. Those vulnerable to COVID – 19 for any reason should remain at home. This group includes senior citizens and individuals with a significant underlying medical condition (such as chronic lung disease, moderate-to-severe asthma, serious heart conditions, immuno-compromised status, cancer, diabetes, severe obesity, renal failure, and liver disease).


3. Signs will be placed on the main entry doors such that the two doors to the north will be for entering, the two to the south for the exit.  


4. Hand sterilizer bottles will be strategically placed throughout the facility.

   a. Immediately within the lobby by the front door.

   b. Two in the south portion by the doors to encourage           use upon arrival and departure.

   c. Two by the altar to encourage use prior to                          communion.


 5. All parishioners will are encouraged to bring personal bottles of hand sanitizer during Opening Season. In addition, we will gratefully receive any extra bottles of hand sanitizer that parishioners might donate.  (As more becomes available in stores, this will be less important.)  


 6. During the opening season, parents are advised that, in order to protect our higher-risk volunteers, there will be no Nursery or Children’s Church.  The Peace Room (for crying babies) will be available.


7. Since the virus can be transmitted by touching high-use surfaces, we are striving to ensure that the only handles touched are toilet/urinal handles.

   a.  A greeter will be at the entrance door.

   b. The doors to the worship center will be kept open               during the services.

   c. Restroom doors will remain open, with curtains                 outside the doors to ensure privacy.

   d. Kleenex boxes will be placed on the urinals to                       promote protected handle operation.  


8. Social distancing will be important. Please maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people.  

   a. While discussions outside in the porte-cochere

    appear to be safe, during Opening Season, narthex            discussions are discouraged.

   b. Coffee, etc., will not be served during Opening                    Season.  

   c. As parishioners select seats in the worship center, it         will be important to remember to maintain a six-foot       distance with non-family members.  

   d. The wearing of masks is required.  

  e. Singing increases the ability of the virus to spread.           Therefore, wearing masks while singing is required.         Remember, this is a very temporary measure!  

   f. No physical contact should be made with non-family       members during the passing of the peace, greeting             time, or the recitation of the Lord’s prayer.


9. To minimize the possibility of surface contact spread of the virus, offering baskets will be by the altar so that, as parishioners come forward for communion, they may place their offering in the basket. 

   a. We would like to thank all who are using online           giving and gently encourage all to embrace this method of giving. Online giving:

     i. enables counters to spend less time in a small,              confined office.  

    ii. is the safest method of giving with respect

        to fraud prevention.  

    iii. is the most efficient method for the counters                and finance department. 


10. Bishop Neil has communicated a plan for us to receive communion in both kinds. This plan is explained in the video of the top of the page.  There will continue to be the option to receive only bread for those so choose.


11. Between services, the external door handles, all toilet/ urinal handles, and arms on chairs in the worship center will be wiped down.